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You might have heard everything about men’s thong underwear regarding its usage, construction, advantages, disadvantages, and many more. Have you heard about the times when you have not to wear skimpy men’s underclothing style?

It is essential to avoid wearing some intimate apparel styles on some occasions because of health issues. The following points put forward health-related and practical reasons to make you think again before wearing a lace waist cotton thong. Let us take a look at the circumstances when you have to avoid wearing cotton thongs for men.

• When you are fond of cotton clothing:

When you are completely in love with cotton undergarments, it isn’t easy to adjust with many other fabrics. Thongs ready with synthetic materials such as nylon polyester and more than trap the breathability and improve the accumulation of sweat down there. Therefore, you can avoid wearing synthetic lace thongs. However, you certainly can try out the individual style crafted out of cotton and several other organic fabrics.

• When you are in track pants:

This idea means that whenever you have planned your day to be in workout attire, avoid lace waist cotton thong. Tight clothes or spandex will produce much heat in the privates and interfere with the air circulation cycle. Moreover, it can foster bacterial growth that interrupts your penis health. Bring a new pair of underwear and pants if you feel prone to sweat a lot to keep things fresh after your workout or exercise.

• When you feel prone to bacterial or fungal infection:

You have to be aware that cotton thongs are favorable when you have a fungous or bacterial infection in the pelvic area. It being a tiny patch of fabric permits the disease to spread better and faster. However, it is a common ailment dealt with by every person now and then; it is true “prevention is far better than cure.” Therefore, if you feel the symptoms of an infection, do not wear a pair of cotton thongs. You can try the styles with better exposure and breathability, like boxers.

• When you do not take a shower daily:

Firstly, you need to take a shower every day but, in a situation that is not possible for some reason, you have to avoid wearing thongs that day. The motive is that if you don’t take a bath and clean the privates appropriately, you tend to invite fungal or bacterial infections. Regular washing with gentle soap can help your conditions.

• When you are leaking:

You may have heard about ABL that stands for Accidental Bowel Leakage that ensues to every man now or later. With this condition, you need to keep your privates clean and dry and wear something that does not allow the infection to spread. In simple words, avoid wearing a thong.

• When you are feeling sick:

It means that your immune system is already getting compromised and busy stopping your running nose or fever. It will increase your risk of infection from various other germs creeping around the crotch area, which may only make you feel worse.

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