Cotton underwear is beginning to become a trend for people who prefer comfort instead of style, and if you concern about your private part, you have to jump on the bandwagon and change your clothing habits. If you want comfort with style, then a cotton thong with lace is an excellent option.

The following are some reasons why you have to start wearing cotton panties:


Your vagina is a sensitive body part, and it is a breeding ground for yeast, which is problematic for several women. Unlike other fabric panties, pure cotton panties effectively stop yeast growth in your vagina. Underwear with synthetic fabric, like latex and polyester, can aid in yeast development as they store in heat and are not breathable like other fabrics.

Moreover, synthetic materials are often restrictive because of the elasticity of the fabric, so in effect, it does not have as much space as cotton underwears. Therefore, it can absorb more moisture and warmth. Pure organic cotton panties are very breathable, so in effect, your vagina becomes all the ventilation it wants to keep yeast from growing.


Moisture getting stuck in your underwear leads to the build-up of germs that causes odor. Synthetic fabric traps moisture and heat, so if you are going about your day and your vagina is getting not enough ventilation, there will be a build-up of germs in it that can cause that nasty odor.

Pure organic cotton panty and cotton thong with lace is the best choice to avoid odor build-up as it is more breathable. But it also absorbs extra moisture leaving your vagina dry and free from all bacteria that ground odor.  When the climate is hot, always wear cotton panties to let your vagina breathe, and you may notice right away that it no longer has that odor associated with women’s private parts.


The itching in or around the vagina is the result of numerous factors. It is because of a sexually transmitted disease, and if it is so, it is essential to consult your physician right away. It may result in other health issues like contact dermatitis. If the itch in your vagina does not fall underneath those other factors, then chances are you are just wearing the wrong panty.

Pure cotton panties prevent itching as it keeps the vagina dry and free from moisture and sometimes the itch develops when humidity and heat stuck inside the vagina. Moreover, fabrics that are wet heavily with chemicals can cause itching in vaginas because of contact dermatitis. Latex fabrics can cause contact dermatitis when exposed to the material for a long time; that’s why it is much better to avoid underclothing with synthetic fabrics.


If you do not have sensitive skin, it is still advisable to wear pure cotton due to the many benefits it has for your skin. It is free from chemicals that can cause rashes or develop allergies in the long run. It is free from synthetic materials that can also grow allergies when your skin is open to it repeatedly.

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