Sometimes a lace thong is uncomfortable. There is a level of discomfort for women who can’t find the right waist thong, and instead of feeling that is hardly their feeling, they experience totally the opposite. Which leads women on the “cons” side of the lace thong debate wondering, “so, why do women wear lace thongs? It’s so uncomfortable!”

A few women are more comfortable in full coverage for additional warmth in the cold weather. For others, it cannot be functional and worthy for their wardrobe. Why wear a lace waist cotton thong when you are wearing leggings and a skirt all the time?

As women see it, lace cotton thongs are a less-than-practical kind of underwear that they prefer not to invest. Finding the right type of thong is essential otherwise, it causes health issues.


Many cotton thongs are made of less breathable fabric; it traps moisture and increases your chances of bacteria imbalance, leading to skin infections.

Since cotton thongs are essentially a very close-fitting soft fabric, nestled right against your lady’s private parts, absorbing every bit of natural and normal vaginal discharge. It is one of the side effects of wearing a lace cotton thong.

Depending on how your body produces and how your body reacts are genuine reasons why some women select to live thong-less. To reduce and eliminate these types of health concerns, you can turn to a natural, more breathable lace thong option or find out how to hand wash underwear for the definitive clean for your cotton thongs.


Do women know what is in your clothes?

Because there are various dyes and additives in your clothing, like jeans, some residual chemicals that, when worn too close to your body, can have adverse effects on your private parts’ skin. For many women, cotton thongs do not cut it when it comes to coverage for the reason.

Your skin is your sensitive and largest organ. Although its primary profession is to act as a barrier to harmful toxins, it’s super vulnerable to the problems women face due to the clothing they wear, absorbing these not-so-friendly substances.

Textile dyes and other clothing additives can cause allergies such as skin infection, eczema, and dermatitis, leading to uncomfortable rashes and itchiness where the fabric of lace waist cotton thong does not protect your skin.

For this reason, women opt for wearing full-coverage underwear as it is way more protective than a lace waist thong.


There is virtually no space for a pad or a panty liner when you are wearing a cotton thong. Even tampons can cause problems.

When you wear a pad or a panty liner in a lace cotton thong during your period, never expect much success. A pad does not sit right place, and good luck trying to ensure it does an excellent clean-up job. Yes, pads are porous, but gravity always wins and when that pad is moving all around. In a thong, wearing a pad is uncomfortable, impractical, and unhealthy. It leaves a high risk of bacteria which leads to infection.

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