Types of sexy thong underwear

There are more types of thong undies than the standard version, and people who do not mind a perma-wedgie have many options.

  • Frongs: frongs thongs are similar to regular thongs, but the strip of material is skinny from front to back, also profitable between the labia like a cotton thong with lace.
  • Fancy thongs: Lingerie-style mesh thongs come in a wide variety of styles design to be titillating, including edible, crotchless, slavery, and those using a different material for the band of fabric like a thread of pearls.
  • Shaping thongs: Amply shapewear brands provide thong-style undies that also offer compression in the obverse to flatten the tummy. They also offer styles with an additional strap underneath each courage to lift and shape the butt.

Why people wear sexy thongs?

People who do not wear thongs often have to know what the appeal is. There are numerous reasons that a man or a woman may select to wear one. Thongs are the tried-and-true method to ensure you have no visible panty lines—dints that cut across the butt when wearing close-fitting clothing—without going commando.

A few people find them more comfortable than ordinary underwear. Some enjoy the sensation of wearing “sexy” or “taboo” underclothes. And others like the way they appear.

What to contemplate before wearing a sexy thong?

There are a few downsides to having your underwear lodged up your hip. The top of the checklist for women is managing their periods. It is difficult and uncomfortable—but not terrible—to fit maxi pads into sexy thongs, and women who deal with bloating can find this style unsupportive.


Thong underclothes come in every fabric imaginable, comprising satin, lace, spandex, polyester, performance blends, rayon, and cotton. Several people have specific preferences in their underclothing fabric, and whatever you select is fine as long as you are comfy.

When it is about genital health, the only fabric you have to worry about is the lining of the gusset or crotch. Expert recommends wearing a cotton thong with lace—or a cotton-blend—gusset if the rest of the undies are ready for something else, as it is more breathable.

The exclusion is underwear designed definitely for athletics. However, technical underclothes are a great idea when working out, as most of them are stretchy but helpful during movement.

They wick sweat far more competently than cotton to help keep you drier. Some come with antimicrobial treatments on the material to help fight odor and infection.


Ensure to look at the size chart before acquiring. Too-small underclothes can pinch in peaceful places and give you muffin-top lines, though thongs that are too large can slide around, producing uncomfortable genital chafing and pain.


The sexy thong you decide to go with would feel form-fitting and comfortable. You can pay special attention to the waistband: lace thongs come in low-, mid-, and high-rise choices and various widths. Try numerous different kinds until you find the ones best suitable for the anatomy or style needs.

For example, some women with recent C-sections avoid low-rise underwear as it rubs against their scar, though women with shorter torsos can prefer them. High-rise thongs can look smoother under a bodycon dress, and a thicker waistband can help smooth out their bumps.

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