Cotton thong is the most significant “what the hay” that you hear about thongs. Granted, several under-wearers essentially think the opposite. But discomfort wearing a cotton thong with lace underwear is widespread. Suppose they are not your thing, no doubts. These are the lace thongs that you suggest to women who “hate” mesh thong underwear.

Most of the discomfort is from the back going “up and into” the bum pop. You are just not sure of a more elegant way. People also say, “it feels like a day wedgie” or “I hate bum floss.” Remember that thongs have plenty of different backs. The g-string style, for instance, is skinny. When the back of a tanga is more like a v-shape and has more material, it usually allows the back fabric to go in the cheeks.

There are numerous other styles to consider. Dependent on your preference, you can feel better than another. I like the soft lace and wider back of a thing as the classic Hanky Panky low-rise cotton thong.

Health concerns:

The area covered by the undies is delicate and essential. So, take care and wear what feels best for you! For the real deal, please talk to a doctor. She may invite you to chat about thongs, including health concerns, along with a knowledgeable doctor. If you are concerned about wearing lace mesh thongs during your menstrual cycle, Period Panties are ready specifically for this – even in cotton thong style!

You wore thongs very often, but you were not taking care of your gut health. That may lead to diarrhea, which leads to a very painful anal fissure. I ignored it for a moment and kept wearing cotton thongs, and in an attempt to be super clean, you over-washed your bum with drying soaps. So you had to let it heal and took a break from drying soaps, cotton thongs, and upsetting foods. Cotton thong with lace is inappropriate for period days. You cannot place your pad on the thong. As it has a skinny fabric, adjusting is difficult. Wearing a thong is not good in those days. It also causes rashes in your sensitive part.

You are digging in:

If the purpose for wearing a thong is to remove panty lines and bulges under a tight outfit, it is a big bummer if the top of the cotton thong digs in and reasons dribbling or drilling. If your cotton thong is stripy with elastic, experts suggest going with something seamless and flat such as the peach Incognito thong. In addition, a soft, wide, stretchable band like the Hanky Panky thongs will not roll, dig, or move around. Everything with a testosterone cypionate thin or string-like top can get warped or dig into your hips. It looks terrible when you wear light color outfit, tight jeans, or leggings. If that’s an issue for any woman, avoid thongs at all costs and stick with something softer, broader, and more seamless.

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